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About Your Request

Thank you for your interest.
Please fill in the details of your inquiry and
Please contact us at

Common Subject Matter

Common Subject Matter


Please note that we cannot accept any of the following cases.

R18 work, R18-G work

Free request

Information only for registration of intermediary sites, etc.

If you request from an individual, we apologize for the inconvenience, but to prevent troubles, we ask you to pay in full in advance or as a down payment.


For individual requests, please transfer the balance within 2 weeks after delivery of the model.


All prices do not include tax. Consumption tax will be charged when paying.


Customers are responsible for paying the bank transfer fee.

Precautions For Live2D Production Request

Precautions For Live2D Production Request


Please note that we cannot accept any of the following cases.

Models using software other than nizimaLIVE / VTube Studio

Requests that are completely impossible to disclose achievements

The following requests will be given priority

(If the response is delayed due to the flood of requests, we will describe it on this site.)

We can prepare an environment where the illustrator, VTuber himself, and myself can communicate closely (there is an environment where the illustrator can directly consult with the illustrator about the design / range of motion and parts correction).


Can be tracked.

The production process can be published on live distribution, videos, etc.

I understand the flow to some extent on this site (details in the production content)


Precautions For Requesting Illustration Creation

Precautions For Requesting Illustration Creation


For inquiries from individuals, please consider making a request via Skeb first.

(If the reception is suspended at Skeb, it will be a difficult time to respond due to busy schedule)

If you cannot handle it with Skeb, hurry up, or want to make a reliable request, we would appreciate it if you could contact us by email.


In Skeb, the requester writes the request for the illustration in the detailed text, and the painter approves the request and starts work after confirming the amount and detailed text of the request.

Since the official prohibition of personal contact, it is a request format without retake.

Inquiry Method

Inquiry Method


We will always ask you about the following items, so it will be smooth if you let us know first when you contact us by e-mail. (Please use by copy and paste)


● Name:

(Individuals can use their handle name, etc. * Your real name, etc. will be asked when the contract is concluded.)
● Email address:
● Affiliation: Corporate or individual

(If you are a corporation, please let us know your company name, contact information, etc.)
● Inquiry items:
(A) Consultation on illustration production
(B) Consultation on Live2D modeling
(C) Consultation on illustration production for Live2D model
(D) Others

● Image size:

● Purpose of use:

● Budget:
(A) ~ 50,000 yen (B) ~ 100,000 yen (C) 100,000 yen ~ (D) undecided
● Schedule:
(A) ~ 2 months (B) 2 months ~ (C) Undecided (D) Hurry
● Payment method:
● Inquiry details: (Please let us know the details as much as possible)

● The part you want to stick to in production

​Precautions when sending an email

* Please use the data transfer service instead of attaching materials to the email.
(Please cooperate as it is to prevent reception errors)
* In principle, please contact us by email.

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